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TelyCam 12x HD US PTZ Video Conference Camera – TLC-300-U3


SKU: TLC-300-U3

Product Description

TelyCam 12x 1080p HD USB 3.0 Pan-Tilt-Zoom Video Conference Camera

The Easiest, Fastest, Highest Quality Plug-and-Play USB Video Conference Camera You Can Find at this Price Online! Even if You’ve Tried Other Cameras…You NEED to See This for Yourself!

Finally! After years of painstaking, exhausting, expensive research and testing…we have found a HD USB Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Video Conference Camera that’s more than good enough to put our trusted reputation on.

Introducing the TelyCam TLC-300-U3 HD-USB 3.0 PTZ video conference camera. This is by far the best camera we have tested with price and performance…we know this will make your meetings much more productive and boost your efficiency immediately!

What makes this camera so good we’ve put our reputation on it and given our stamp of approval?

  • 100% Plug-and-Play, “No Headache” Installation -Works instantly with both PC’s and Mac’s.
  • Fastest Startup, Maximizes Meeting Efficiency -There’s no blue screen when camera is first called up, no software to load, and no waiting around for equipment to sync. Press a button and you’re in business!
  • Legit USB 3.0, The Latest Technology -Any camera company that says their USB 2.0 camera is 1080p is simply fluffing their marketing. This is a genuine, 1080p quality high definition that will leave you wondering how you ever got along without it.
  • The Largest 72.5 Degree Horizontal Field of View -Perfect for large and small conference rooms, utilize the wide field of view to see more participants and use your entire meeting space.
  • Quality Built, Well Priced! -Great video conference equipment no longer needs to cost so much! We’ve already weeded out the other cheaper versions and truly found the best value. Give this a try today, you won’t be disappointed!
  • Time-Saving Presets Built Right In -Set the camera to up to 64 different positions to be set at the perfect angle every time! No more adjusting or fiddling before your meetings…just turn it on and go!


Front View of Your New Productivity-Boosting TelyCam 12x Video Conference Camera

TelyCam 12x TLC-300-U3

Back View of Your New Headache-Decreasing TelyCam 12x Video Conference Camera

TelyCam 12x TLC-300-U3 Back

100% Compatible with the Following Video Conference Platforms:

  • – We worked closely with TelyCam to perfect this camera for ZoomRooms
  • Skype for Business / Lync – Plug and Play
  • WebEx – No need to buy expensive codecs to get conference room quality video
  • Vidyo – Crystal clear picture quality as alwasy with Vidyo
  • GotoMeeting – Great camera for GotoMeeting

Plus so many mores system! Tries yours today without any risk!


Time & Money Saving Features of Your TelyCam 12x Video Conference Camera:

  • 12x Optical Zoom gives a clear view of even distant faces or props.
  • 72.5 Degree Horizontal Field of View allows more viewers and participants even in tight spaces.
  • UVC Camera Control (UVCC) – Enables far end camera control. Great for Telehealth and classrooms.
  • Fast and Smooth Video Handling keeps meetings efficient and eliminates technical difficulties.
  • Auto or Manual Control of:
    • Focus (never deal with blurry images again)
    • Backlight (automatically adjust to the lighting of your room)
    • White balance (no discolorations or glares)
  • 1920×1080 pixels 1/2.8″ Progressive CMOS gives you the stunning, full High Definition experience at a fraction of the cost of larger systems.
  • Ultra crystal video quality: with Ambarella A9 DSP 1/2.3 12MP sensor Mega Pixel Sensor keeps images crisper, gives you greater detail, and allows for larger screen displays without pixelating or blurring images.
  • Pan ±177.5 Degree & Tilt +90 Degree allows you to remotely move to different speakers or presenters, keeping meetings moving and giving everyone a chance to participate.
  • 64 Preset Positions lets you just turn it on and you’re ready to go! No configuring or adjusting necessary.
  • Flexible Mounting Options:
    • Wall mount
    • Ceiling
    • Tripod

Here’s what You Get with Your TelyCam 12x Video Conference Camera:

  • 10 ft USB 3.0 Cable
  • IR Remote Control
  • User Manual
  • High Definition, Quality-Built Camera
  • US Power Supply
  • RS232/Visca cable

Ready to turn YOUR room into a powerful cloud conferencing room in just seconds?


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